Are Aged Domains Important For SEO?

Aged domains SEOLet me tell you a naughty little SEO story.

I purchased a 7 year old, pr5 aged domain.

I built a bunch of links to it that were relevant to my niche.

The content i started adding to this new site started ranking virtually overnight.

It was the best $100 i have ever spent in my life and it eliminated perhaps a couple of years of building up trust and authority within Google.

Granted the value i got from doing this was a combination of age, trust, pagerank and backlinks. That being said, it just goes to show what kind of power an aged domain with a strong backlink profile has.

So if you are reading this right now. Don’t tell anyone! It’s our little secret ok?

Age Doesn’t Matter On It’s Own!

Most people who read this won’t take action anyway. That being said, if you are going to act on the valuable information i am giving you, please remember this:

Age isn’t everything.

You could buy a 12 year old domain, build a new site on it and you wont get hardly any value for putting it on such an old domain.

The value comes in the big picture. The domain i purchased was valuable because it developed credibility in Google over the years.

  • It had age.
  • It had pagerank.
  • It had backlinks.
  • It had a real site on it for many years.
  • It had built up trust in Google over this time.

This is what makes a valuable domain, not just the age.

Is Age An Important SEO Ranking Factor?

Yes, but not on it’s own. It’s more about “unlocking your trust” and building that up in Google.

You see, anyone can build a website, you have to be around for a while for Google to trust you. That comes through years of running an established website and building up content and links over that time.

It makes perfect sense as well. Google wants to give more value to sites that have been around a while and have an established track record. They don’t just want anyone ranking for anything, you need to prove your worth before they will give you rankings.

So yes, age is important, and yes, that little loophole i taught you there still works right now.

Things You Can Do With Aged PR Domains

There are lots of things you can do with these domain, the value and uses of them are quite diverse. For example, you can:

  • Build your own private blog network and link to your websites with them.
  • Sell them for more money than you paid for them on forums or create your own website selling them.
  • Re-purpose them as affiliate sites and start an instant authority website.
  • Sell text links or blog posts on them (Forums, Fiverr, SEO clients etc).

Where To Buy Aged Domains?

In the coming weeks i will be outlining my complete process for finding and sniping these domains for cheap.

Sorry to be a tease, but i am not ready to reveal my complete strategy yet.

Comments and questions welcome, as always!

10 Responses to “Are Aged Domains Important For SEO?”
  1. Sam

    Great read Andy!

    So when the new site starts ranking, and you want to boost it more, are you building links to the new site, or the old 301’d site?

    • Andy


      I also use a technique which i like to call “301 switches”, which basically means throwing all kinds of links through 301’s at my website.

      If the website incurs some kind of penalty, i can turn off the 301 and then the site returns back to normal (Albeit with less authority).

      I have found this to be the safest way to build masses of shady links without risking your money site getting penalized.

    • Andy

      I’ve now stopped 301ing. I had a couple of sites lose rankings and PR removed after i 301’d an aged PR domain to them.

  2. ChrisCD

    What a tease! I would offer some insight, but I don’t want to steal your thunder. So I guess, until you reveal some meat…

    cd :O)

    • Andy

      Hey Chris, dont get your panties in a twist ;) More awesome info coming soon!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Damon Verial

    OKAY, you’ve hooked me. Send an email when you’ve updated your blog with the method.

    • Andy

      Will do, glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. Stuart

    Hi Andy

    Any further forward on publishing your method?

    I have my own private blog network and it took me an age to setup. Buying the domains with a good backlink profile, good PA/DA/MT values that had not been spammed is a very long drawn out process.

    As I am in several niches I wanted to try and make this network usable by all my niches so I setup “News” style sites with plenty of other categories. This allows me at least the option to post in different categories to try and keep my backlinks on topic and related. Have seen some decent results in SERPS.

    Would be interested to see how you go about deciding on how to monetize your sites. Do you try and pick your product/affiliate/clickbank product first?

    Is competition even a factor for you now that you have “The Daddy” of private blog and High PR network at your disposal?

    Do you even consider Amazon and Adsense due to the generally low commissions?

  5. stuart

    not double posting but wanted to let you know that their must be a bug on the date posted stamp as I submitted the above approved post on 22nd April 2013 and its defaulted to 24th January the same as all other comments on this post.

    • Andy

      Yeah they are, thanks so much for reporting it, ill try and get it sorted asap!

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