Are Blog Networks Effective In 2012?

Lets take a step back. Earlier this year Google de-indexed Build My Rank, one of the largest blog networks on the internet. They also took out a big chunk of ALN (Authority Link Network).

This was closely followed by the Google Penguin update which penalized blatant link spam.

When this happened, thousands upon thousands of affiliate marketers and businesses lost their rankings within Google.

Google Sent Out A Clear Message

And this message is not what most people on the surface think it is. Lets look at it intelligently.

Google MANUALLY de-indexed these websites, they infiltrated the services, gathered URL’s and mass deindexed these services…

This tells us two things really:

  • Google cannot algorithmically devalue these links networks manually, they had to manually attack them.
  • Google wanted to create mass fear, panic, hysteria and just generally get webmasters fearful of these services.

In essence this attack on blog networks was designed to scare webmasters. And when you look at it intelligently, it is obvious that Google has shown their hand. They cannot do anything about blog networks and are now resorting to tactics like fear and huge manual efforts to scare webmasters.

In order to devalue blog networks, Google would have to devalue in-content links. They will never do this, because this is the format of virtually all natural links on the web.

Google’s attack on blog networks was a success. Look at any internet forum now and you will see advice such as “dont use blog networks, they are too risky” and the like.

This cannot be further from the truth. Right now i am absolutely killing it with blog networks. I am ranking for virtually any keyword i want to, within the space of a few weeks i am dominating competitive search terms and it’s generating me good money right now.

The fear Google has created has allowed me to swoop in and dominate keywords quickly.

So with all of that said, you can guess my position on blog networks is a positive one. That’s true, however i do wish to answer a few more questions on the matter, talk about my best practices for using blog networks and then give you a couple of recommendations.

What Are The Risks Of Using Blog Networks?

The first and most obvious risk of using blog networks is having them discovered and penalized by Google.

In order to negate this risk, i used tiered link building practices.

Whenever i go in to a niche i make a list of products, services and general terms i want to rank for. I then create web 2.0 properties for these terms and i build links to them using blog networks.

What this does is it allows me to:

  • Use the authority of these web 2.0 domains to their full advantage.
  • Rank these sites quickly and aggressively.
  • Pass the juice on to my main money site.
  • Do not point potentially low quality blog network links at my money site.

I also use a service called Article Wyz to build my own private web 2.0 blog network and i then point these blog network links at them.

What this does is create a link shield or a wall between my precious authority money site and the blog networks, plus allows me to pass most of the juice on to my money site.

Very few people are doing this right now and if you do, you will make a killing like me.

What Blog Networks Should I Use?

If you are going to point blog network links at your money site (Risky) i would buy private link packages from forums, and use the smaller blog networks. If you are going to use a tiered link building approach, i would recomend each of the following blog networks. They are listed in order of value IMO.

  • Article Ranks.
  • Traffic Kaboom.
  • Unique Article Wizard.
  • Authority Link Network.
  • Backlink solutions.

Then i would create a private network using Article Wyz and point the blog network links at these blogs, or the web 2.0 sites i have made for products/services and rank those.

Eventually you will have a massive link juice network.

Tons of web 2.0 properties with tons of juice.

Tons of web 2.0 properties ranking for competitive terms within your industry.

Tons and tons of link juice going back to your main site using whatever method you want.

2012 and Beyond Best Practices

My biggest tip for using blog networks in 2012 and beyond is to dilute your anchor text.

Use mostly naked links, IE and as the anchor text.

Throw in some keyword links as well and some generic links.

This will help you not get penalized by Penguin.

Also gather the list of pingbacks to your site (Use WordPress). I will then blast these links with profiles, comments and social bookmarks. This ensures indexing and increased link juice to your links.

On top of this dial down your on-page optimization. What worked in the past does not work now and its a sure way to get your site penalized in the long run.

Finally i would make sure that blog networks are just one type of link that i get for my site. There are dozens of other different types of links. Go for blog comments, directory links, article directory links, guest posts, social bookmarks, wiki links, forum profiles, blogroll links, footer links, nofollow links. You name it there are tons of types of links out there to get. Some people will say certain types of link are dead. This is untrue. Get a good diversity of links from different sources, platforms etc. I would scale down certain types of links (Forum profiles, footer links, blogroll links) to your main site, but having a couple of each type of link makes your site look natural.

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