Best SEO Practices In A Post Panda, Post Penguin World

SEO has changed forever. The introduction of Google Panda and the Google Penguin algorithms have changed the SEO best practices.

It’s no longer viable to stuff your keywords in to your title tag, first line of the content, in to the header tags and in to the image ALT tags, this is a sure fire way to get penalized.

It’s also not viable to use blog networks to build links to your site with “best blue widgets” as your keyword. You need to take a more natural looking approach now.

In the following article i am going to talk about what is important now, current SEO myths and what you need to do now to start raping and pillaging Google of traffic.

First of all, i am tired of people saying aggressive link build is dead. It’s not dead, it has just changed. People now get penalized for unnatural link building because…

Aggressive Link Building

  • They build links with unnatural anchor text. (Too many “best blue widgets” keywords, which looks unnatural as hell, and not enough of naked URL links and “” links). You are just asking for a penalty.
  • They build links from unrelated sources. And don’t get me wrong, this is the Achilles heel of blog networks. They provide easy sources of juicy backlinks, the problem is the sites often have content from a bunch of different sources and it makes it hard to categorize your link as relevant and the linking site as not being a link farm. You need to filter this juice to related properties.
  • They don’t get links from diverse sources. Use 5 blog networks, not 1. Use multiple SEO tools. Get guest post links etc. Diversify from one method.
  • They don’t pay attention to link velocity.
  • They don’t back up their link building with social signals, increased traffic via other means and a site that is generally sending all the “good site signals” to Google.

The same goes for on-page, you can still throw up 100 words on a page and not have the site penalized by the Panda algorithm. Have you seen all those porn sites which dominate in there niche with less than 100 words of unique text, then just contain videos and image galleries? The same goes for Youtube, most Youtube videos have very little text but they rank highly in Google.

Writing 500 words of text wont automatically make you relevant  It’s about the signals your visitors send Google about your website now, not how your content looks to a bot.

Spoon Feed Google “Good Signals”

Here is the big secret…

Spoon feed Google all the quality signals they are looking for by building  a AWESOME website.

Think of ways of how you can send the following signals to Google and DO IT:

High Page-views Per Visitor

  • Create compelling headlines for your content (Increases the chances a user will click on another article).
  • Interlink your content within your body posts (A strong panda signal, quality sites do this).
  • Have a strong and engaging navigation (Perhaps two navigation menu’s, a left sidebar and a top sidebar).
  • Break up content, make it easy to read, add value, make make your visitor want more.
  • Feature your best content on the sidebar.
  • Create “index” pages that link to lots of your articles. For example, create a “start here” page, a “beginners guide” page etc for your topic. Then link this from the main navigation. This will increase your pageviews per visitor tonnes.

High Time On Site

  • Add videos to your site.
  • Make navigation elements enticing to get them to stick around.
  • Create REMARKABLE content that is long and value adding.
  • Consider adding a forum. Forum’s do great in Google, especially active ones. They encourage users to look around and join in the discussion. Forums tend to have high page-views per visitor and high time on site metrics.

Low Bounce Back To SERPS

  • You want your visitor to immediately realize he is in the right place.
  • Visitors will scan content quickly before reading, if they see a massive wall of text that is not broken up or doesn’t engage with images etc, they will likely leave.
  • Use a clean and professional design.
  • Monetize your site fine, but don’t have tonnes of ad units above the fold. People often go “ewww” and click back.

Backlink Quality Metrics

  • Create your own blog network with Article wyz (I boost my network by building all kinds of links to my blogs, even blog network links to my blog network).
  • Get links from related sites (Tone down the amount of links you get from sites like Ezine articles, or unrelated blog networks). Use blog networks to give juice to “related pages” that link to your site.
  • If you are going to spam, do it with “natural anchors”. I have had fantastic results building blog network links and other off-topic links with raw URL links. This means the anchor text is the URL.
  • Try and make sure you have a complete spectrum of links. Think: Blog networks, your own private blog network, article directories, web 2.0 sites, web 2.0 profiles, wiki links, guest posts, blog comments, forum profiles and of course related sites within your niche.

Increase Brand Signals

  • Get traffic from as many sources as possible. Don’t rely just on Google. Use forums, guest posts, Youtube… Whatever you can, increase your traffic from other sources apart from Google.
  • Work on traffic retention as much as conversion. Make your site so valuable visitors will want to bookmark it and share it.
  • This basically comes down to creating a quality resource. One that people will find useful, come back to. This is where sniper sites and pure product review sites fail. For the most part they are spammy, provide little value and just want you to click an affiliate link. If you can’t see how this would provide poor user metrics/poor user experience you need to face palm now.This method used to work and still does to an extent, but you need to be adding value in order to be sending Google these signals that you are an awesome site. Fail to do that and you will most likely get canned at some point. Again, i’m not a white hat guy, i hate white hats for the most part, they annoy me. But you have to be realistic and see the way Google is changing. It’s still very much possible to spam and build links aggressively and rank. You just need to do it a lot more intelligently.

    The good news is that most people are not doing it intelligently and it provides a great source to get ahead and get an edge on your competition. Do everything right and you will sit in the sweet spot and reap masses of profits, build a huge brand website and stay ranking in Google forever.

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