Daily Rituals and Habits: How To Set Them For Online Business Success

Tell me your rituals and I will tell you your bank balance.

What you do on a daily basis will define how successful you become with your online business, period.

The people who will be successful in this industry are self motivated people who understand that their actions create their results.

By this I don’t mean you have to be a 24/7 workaholic. You just need to be very aware that in order to get different results you have to be doing different things. And in order to be getting closer to your goals you need to be taking small steps towards them each and every day.

What Are Your Rituals?

What do you do with your time? Do you watch TV? Do you play Xbox? Do you spend your spare time socialising?

Or do you spend time writing content, building backlinks, creating mini sites or learning new skills which will make you more valuable? E.G learning about SEO and effective link building, writing effective sales and web copy or becoming an expert in your chosen niche topic etc.

Do you spend time reading forums looking for that magic bullet or do you spend time building real online assets?

These questions should make you take a good long hard look at your daily activities and ask yourself, is this putting me closer to where I want to be or is this getting me nowhere?

What Motivates You?

The way I look at all of this is that I want to lead the best possible life I can. I want to be successful and for me I want to be successful in order to:

  • Provide for myself and my future family.
  • Gain financial freedom and never have to worry about money again.
  • Lead the best possible life I am capable of.
  • Help out friends, family etc.
  • Travel the world.

These are my reasons; chances are you will have your own. My biggest fear though is failure and it is most people’s fear. Most of the people reading this won’t have their back against the wall. Success won’t be a must so you will have to frame it in your mind that success is a must, otherwise you will fail or experience mediocre success at best. Reason being, unless success is an absolute must in your mind the action you will take will be weak. You must have a strong desire to succeed at online business and you need to remind yourself each and every day if possible to keep that desire strong.

For example, to me I don’t want to work a 9/5 job and work for the man. I have an authority complex and being average and living a normal life terrifies me. I wanted to get out of the rat race and create some real freedom for myself. I want to be able to take days off when I want or go on vacations with my girlfriend whenever I want. I don’t want to get up early each morning and go to a job that makes someone else rich.

To me being normal and living a normal life is a failure. Whereas creating a massive online business and earning big money is a success. There is no middle ground. You need to look at why you want to do this and make it an absolute must for you. If you don’t do that or can’t imagine yourself being a success you have failed before you have started.

This is what gives me a burning desire each day to get up and take action. I love the idea of creating a large and successful website that makes me money whilst i sleep and provides me with passive income. That is what motivates me to take action each and every day.

Sure I have all of these big goals I want to achieve, but i also have a plan of getting there. I know what I have to do on a daily basis and I take that action consistently and I recognise that by taking this action it is putting me closer to my goal and in turn giving me more desire to take action.

Take A Close Look At Your Daily Rituals

Take an honest look at your daily rituals. What did you do the last few days? Write everything down and then take a good hard look at them and ask yourself did this contribute to my overall goal or not.

Chances are you are doing stuff that does not contribute to where you want to be.

This will be caused by either:

  • Ignorance.
  • Lazyness.
  • Not knowing what is best for you.
  • Indifference (You dont have a strong enough why).

And let me tell you this, none of the above are acceptable excuses for not getting where you want to be in life.

My Daily Rituals

I do the following things on a daily basis and they are designed to make me successful:

  • I plan the next day before it starts: I make a to-do list for the next day. It will include a list of things I want to do to further my business.
  • I have one “frog” for each day: This is one item I must complete that day no matter what.
  • I watch personal development videos when I wake up: I go to Youtube and watch Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn,  Brian Tracey and other personal development  authors each and every morning.
  • I go to the gym several times a week. I believe a healthy body equals a healthy mind.
  • I focus on my 20%: I do the 20% of activities that give me the 80% of results. This comes from continual experience, experimentation and feedback based on the action that I take. I know what I can do each day that will give me results and I do that.

With Online Marketing My 20% Activities Typically Include

  • Writing remarkable content for my websites. Either articles or free/paid eBooks.
  • Outsourcing content for my websites.
  • Creating or buying backlinks for my websites.
  • Outsourcing backlinks for my websites.
  • Doing other promotional work to get traffic to my websites.
  • Monetizing my website more effectively. IE writing better copy, calls to action, advertising placements etc.
  • Statistical analysis, keyword research and further planning for what I have to do for the next day.
  • Spend time learning new skills that will make me better at an important business skill (I do this only after I have completed the work I set for the day), this is a much better alternative to watching TV before you go to sleep.

I typically save my analysis until the end of the day and use it in order to create a to-do list for the next day. After that if I still have time left over I will spend time learning new skills.

Why People Fail

I would bet a great deal of the failures in internet marketing come down to not knowing exactly what to do in order to succeed. And due to not knowing this, the action they take will be limited if any, or they will procrastinate whilst searching for the magic bullet.

Or, they will take some action but the results that they get will not warrant further action, they give up and go back to watching TV.

What is missing here is not the desire, often these people understand how much creating a passive income internet business will impact their life. The problem is they don’t have the faith that is needed in order to succeed so the action they take will be limited or they will give up once they have taken a little action.

If you get in to your head enough reasons as to why you have to succeed, visualize yourself doing whatever it takes to succeed and then take continuous action until you get feedback, you will succeed. That is assuming you take note of that feedback and change your method as you go along. You might fail the first 5 times but #6 you figure it out, hit and home run and never look back. The difference between the winners and losers is that most people give up at the first sign of difficulty instead of continuously taking action and trying to figure it out after they fail the first time.

The problem with a lot of things internet marketing related (Definitely with SEO), is that they take time.

For example I can create a mini site today and not make a cent with this mini site for 3 or 4 months. A big part of being successful with internet marketing is taking action based on faith of what you are doing will provide you with results. On top of that all of the big money is reserved for the people who are the best. For example you could be #11 in Google for a keyword and make virtually nothing, whereas #1 makes hundreds of dollars each day. So many people do not realize that there are only a couple of things that they are doing wrong that stop them from being a success. Many people just give up when they dont see it working and dont actually really realize how close they are to making it happen.

Just a few modifications to there daily habits and rituals could make all the difference.

Once you get over the initial hump and start making a little bit of money, these results will provide you with further desire in order to take more action. That being said, if you can force yourself to take action just in blind faith and a vision of what is going to happen. If you continuously take this action, chances are your results will be a lot greater because the action you will have taken will have been greater than the guy who took a little bit of action, waited around for a while to see if it was successful then gave up when he realised his little bit of action gave him little results.

Continuous action in the direction of your goals is what is going to give you the results you need. Continuous action can rarely be bad. The worst case scenario is that you figure out what you are doing does not work and you need to change your method in order to make it work.

All of your habits and rituals are either putting you closer or further away from your goals. Take a good look at yours and start making positive changes that will put you closer to where you want to be. It could be as simple as cutting down on how much TV you watch in order to learn about X topic which will help you launch your first web business. The changes you make do not have to be drastic and overnight, they just have to be small and on a consistent basis, with each one putting you closer to where you want to be.

Final note: When you do make these changes and stick to them, give yourself a reward. You deserve it! This stuff isn’t easy and its why most people live mediocre lives and why they aren’t successful. By even reading this stuff you’re in the top 10% of people, by taking action you’re in the top 5%.

Just don’t read this and do nothing. Decide on one thing you can do each day that will put you closer to where you want to be and eliminate one thing from your life that does nothing for you. Once you make some changes and start taking action, you will feel good about yourself knowing that you are heading in the right direction and are taking control of your life. Good luck!

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  1. Kammy

    Awesome blog – I’ve only come across a handful of blogs that have as much value as yours.

    All your posts are exceptional ;-)

    Read this post and you are spot on. I think + act exactly like this, and would say to anyone who reads this post to bookmark it, read it a few times and follow what it says!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Andy

      Thanks Kammy, glad to see you enjoyed my content!

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