How I Lost A 6-Figure Online Empire and What You Can Do To Avoid My Mistakes…

Some of you may or may know that i have been repeatedly penalized in the last year by Panda, Penguin and all manner of Google critters.

What you may not know was that i was well on my way to building a <Insert huge number over $30k per month> business.

I had money sites, i had elaborate networks of feeder blogs, both built by myself and domains purchased from Godaddy with PR.

I was in the process of becoming one of the largest bingo affiliates in the world. In case you didn’t know bingo in the UK is huge. Just turn on the TV and you will see a bingo commercial every hour or so… and i was totally killing it.

If you look up CPC’s in adwords, they are usually between £5 and £25 per click. In short, this traffic is valuable, and i had a lot of it. Roughly 750-1000 visitors per day and i was litereally sending hundreds of depositing players each month, with an average lifetime value of £300 each.

In short, life was good. So what happened?

Well i screwed it all up by getting greedy.

Understanding Google Panda

Google Panda is a site quality algorithm. It’s basically Google evaluating pages on your website and if you don’t measure up to their criteria you get a good strong bitch slap.

Basically, in order to rank you need “quality content”.

What is this magical quality content you need? Well nobody knows for sure really. Most experts Matt Cutts nut huggers tout it’s content that adds value and all kinds of other white hat bullshit, propoganda, best practices.

Now don’t get me wrong, the majority of my pre panda content was totally crap and deserved to be penalized. But as Panda rolled out versions, i made my sites better. Cue 1000 word articles, with images, videos and other media, all on responsive sites. But no, my sites still get penalized.

In the end i think i finally cracked the code (Sorry can’t reveal it yet). And it actually has about 90% to do with how the site looks and not all the retarded things most people think.

Anyway, my downfall was scaling too fast and not really giving a shit about users. And lets be honest, if YOU knew how you could easily churn out a load of sub par content, rank it #1 with elaborate spam networks and basically print unlimited money, what would you do? … Exactly ;)


Mistake #2 was penguin. I survived the first roll out with most of my sites, but the second one took me down big time.

I thought i did everything right, i had balanced anchor text profiles, i had linking tiers, i even set up Xrumer in a super badass way to post to platforms most people could never dream of spamming.

What was the end result though? Well it all came crumbling down.

Why? Well this could have been a few things really. First of all, i could have manually been infiltrated and manually penalized by a Google bitch employee.

The other reason could be that i was exploiting the Google algorithm too well, and in such, the combination of a lot of combined factors ended up fucking me over.

Lets be honest though, when you are playing on the dark side, there are usually quite a few things that can screw you over. Most of my traffic drops happened over both panda updates, penguin updates, the pay day loan update etc. Personally, i think  my sites were in the “too aggressive” category by just a little bit in virtually every category, and in the end that was my downfall..

Exploiting Googles Core

The core of Googles algorithm at the end of the day is page rank.

You can throw up a 7 page site, sprinkle it with LSI terms, images, Youtube videos, fake social profiles and contact pages. Then drip out 100 high PR links to the site over a few months and watch it climb for competitive keywords.

If you exploit the core algorithm too much, you get penalized.

Right now i am doing some hardcore link arbitrage. For example,  using my blog network and some high PR link rentals costing $300 per month, to rank for a 40k search term with an average of £25 cpc.

No doubt this site will get spanked, but guess what, this sites gonna make me 5-10x whatever it costs in link rentals and when it dies, i will just churn out another one.

You see, at the end of the day it just comes down to two things.

  • Invest for the long term in very non aggressive tactics. By this i mean creating real brands, which add real value and real people like.
  • Then at the same time. Exploit Google’s core. I mean seriously, fuck them, they are as evil as shit. If they rewarded me for creating the most HQ result possible, i would just do that, but they cant, and don’t, so i am just left to exploiting them.

At the end of the day there are two types of SEO. The type that works and makes money, and the type that doesn’t.

SEO tools are becoming dead. The only stuff i see ranking with spam links now are Youtube videos.

Now its mostly creating the specific type of site Google wants and brand authority. Everything else is bullshit, unless your a spammer, but that’s only temporary.

Back soon, love you. x

5 Responses to “How I Lost A 6-Figure Online Empire and What You Can Do To Avoid My Mistakes…”
  1. Chuck

    Sounds familiar! I had my 2 ecommerce stores producing just under $6k a month, and then between the 2 updates I have lost 80% of my traffic.

    I am now doing a similar plan. 2 new sites, one ranking with great content and white hat/gray hat links, and one all black hat.

    I totally agree, F the big G.

    • Andy

      I recently recovered a site from panda and from what i can tell, it actually doesn’t have that much to do with the quality of content that Google suggests. I think it has much more to do with the format, functionality and presentation of the site. I will do a detailed post on this later with my opinions and analysis.

      • Simon

        From what I can guess, you’re talking about great user experience and usability, but I’m not 100% sure to what you are reffering to. Looking forward for the next post!

        Regarding this topic, I totally agree with you. I have one authority website making 300-400$ a day, but in the same time, I do black hat link buys for my other websites (usually emd’s) to exploit google algo and purely just to make some money.

        SEO requires continuous learning these days :)

  2. IMDollz

    Pulling for you bro, it happens to everyone that walks on the edge. It’s really such an arms war… Google builds a bullet proof algo and then we get grenades, they build a bunker, we drill a hole and fill it with dynamite… on and on and on. Like the roadrunner and wiley coyote. No rest for the wicked. I read all your stuff, you will come back stronger. Cheers to rebuilding and making obnoxious amounts of cash! :D

    • Andy

      Definitely agree with that, good comment :)

      At the end of the day though, it is just an algorithm and a computer program. Google wants to get the best set of results by using the minimum resources. Some of the things people think Google looks at is ridiculous. If they looked at every single minute detail for all sites, they would not be able to afford it. So there is a continuous gap between what Google could do and what Google can do. As time goes forward, Google will look at more and more of these signals. You may think that is bad, but it is good for us who are informed and can game everything.

      Life and SEO in general is a big game. The smartest (And hardest working) will win :)

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