Is Content Really King In 2012?

Hang around  any internet marketing or webmaster forum for any length of time and it wont be long before you hear the phrase “content is king” parroted back by some retarded idiot.

Is content really king? Well this of course depends.

Before i go on a spiel about why content is not king, lets look at the reasons as to why creating awesome content, is …well…awesome.

Reasons Why Content Is King!

  • Awesome content retains visitors and gets bookmarkers.
  • Awesome content makes users remember your site/name/brand.
  • Awesome content is shared and generates more traffic.
  • Awesome content builds trust.
  • People buy from people they trust.
  • Awesome content therefore converts better than crappy content.
  • Awesome content remains relevant forever and is an asset that wont depreciate.

Sounds like a pretty compelling reason to create awesome content. Sure, why not, lets go with that. However there is much more to the story.

There are some pretty compelling reasons for sticking crappy content out there on the internet. Let me explain.

Reasons Why Awesome Content Sucks!

  • Google says they try to rank the best quality content, but the do a pretty poor job of it, especially if your site is new.
  • Its possible to rank any piece of crap content right now. Don’t believe me? Find a money niche and search. So much is created in order to convert a visitor in to a sale and doesn’t provide the best user experience that is going. If Google could do such a good job of differentiating high quality and low quality content, the serps would not look like they currently do. Right now all you need to do is build “good enough” content to avoid Panda penalties and you should be good to go.
  •  If you follow a “build it and they will come” strategy like Google ask’s you to, it will take YEARS, maybe even never to get natural links. Even if you create the best quality content around.

What This Means In Real Terms

Am i telling you to create awful websites with low quality content? Hell no. That is not what i am saying.

Good content is good for business in general.

That being said, you should not base your business on creating high quality content and hope for the best. The “build it and they will come” strategy does not work nowadays.

You need to take an active approach.

If you are building an authority site, your content has to be awesome, otherwise you give your users no incentive to subscribe, bookmark, come back or take whatever conversion action you want.

If you are creating a mini site designed to rank for one term in Google with an exact match domain, your content has to be good enough to not trip panda filters and get your visitor to take the action you want.

Your success with these types of websites will not be down to how good your content is, it will be down to how well you create backlinks and promote your sites… or in Andy terms, how much hustle you have.

The Moral Of The Story

Build a kickass website.

But don’t just do that.

Marketing is important, very important.

If you are building an authority site in a big niche you need to hustle. I am not building links to Make Money Ninja, simply because i know this niche is extremely competitive but i can get targeted traffic through other methods and build a brand better that way.

The quality of my content will be crucial to my success. If i add value and write the best internet marketing shit around people will come back.

If i make a crap site people wont return and i wont grow.

That being said, if i have my and want to rank for it. My success wont be about creating something better than everyone else (Although this might be a decent conversion strategy) IE, writing excellent copy or an excellent review, or whatever.

The success of this website will be down to how much hustle i have… and you should always remember that.

When i build exact match domains nowadays, i just blast the content. I don’t think, i just write. 1000 words. Boom, website done. Throw up some call to action buttons, some banners, make a header image maybe, website done.

Then i get on to the messy stuff. The hustle. The building of backlinks and getting visitors to the website.

Once you have some traffic and are making money, by all means tweak the sites that are earning you good money to convert better, or add more value, or take whatever action you want.

Just don’t get fixated on creating the best site around when you don’t need to. You need to be good enough and you need to rank, and you need to scale.

I think i made my point clear.

Content is not king. Backlinks still are.

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