The Mindset For Making Money Online!

Brain - MindsetThe method i use to make money online is incredibly simple.

It’s so simple, many people would think..

“Is that it?”.

The crux of my strategy is building websites that are structured great, provide value and strategically get MASS traffic from Google.

I then tell my visitors what i want them to do.

Normally this makes me a sale. Then i make some money.

I then scale this. Over and over again.

Simple! So why can’t other people do this? Well the biggest thing holding you, back is your mindset.

Below are my top 6 crucial mindset tips for building a profitable online business.

Take A Focused, Clinical Approach

Making money online comes down to getting visitors, leads and sales.

Leads come in the form of subscriber opt-ins, RSS subscribers, free trial sign-ups and of course sales that make you money. You need to be super focused on this understanding. Everything you should be doing on a daily basis should be to either:

  • Get more potential leads to your website.
  • Convert those visitors in to leads.

I often see people making grandiose posts that are purely self serving, stuff like this post, it won’t make me any money. Or very little.

The problem is people want to start a business, but they start a blog. Or they start a website, but do not treat it as a business.

A business website is a machine. A good one churns out content that gets targeted traffic. It is then set up in a way that converts very well. Either by getting opt-ins, or making sales.

For example, the site that makes me the most money has 500 posts that are product reviews. These rank for the product names and provide a way for a user to buy that product.

Each of these pages i look at as “doorway pages” in to my website. Some might generate me 1 visitor a month and 1 sale a year. Others might generate me 20 visitors a day and a sale a week. Some rank first page, some rank 5th page in Google. All of them bring me traffic, leads and sales in the long run. Some more than others.

This leads me to my next point.

Learn The Fundamentals Of Online Business

The fundamentals of my business are simple:

  • Content is an asset that makes you money over and over.
  • Link building and SEO is like “buying advertising”.
  • The more content you make, for the right keywords, the more money you make.
  • The more money you make, the more you can invest in SEO, link building and more content.
  • This perpetuates the cycles and gets you more traffic, leads and money.
  • There is more value in the end game: Put simply, there is synergy with this. You will get more ranking benefits from having one site with 2000 articles and 10k backlinks, than compared to having the same amount of articles and backlinks spread out over 50 sites. The one caveat to this is that having EMD’s will help you rank for single terms.

Essentially this is a very simple method. You do though need to use a bit of business savvy. For example:

  • I only operate in proven markets.
  • I only promote proven products where there is a proven demand for such product.
  • I only promote products that give me a good commission.
  • I only work in industries where i can build a passive income.

Before you start any online business venture you need to ask yourself, how much money will i make from each sale? How much traffic is there out there to get? How hard would it be to get this traffic? How many sales a day would i need to make a good income?

A lot of people just start doing what they are interested in without taking a clinical  business centric approach. This is wrong and if you do this you deserve to fail.

I know that sounds harsh but doing your own due diligence will pay off in the long run.

Become Intrinsically Motivated

Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from enjoying the task and the process itself.

If you don’t enjoy writing content, look for a different business model.

If you don’t enjoy doing SEO, look for a different business model.

My way is one way. There are many other ways to succeed.

Part of why i am successful is that there is a big overlap between, what interests me and what i am good at.

For example, i love SEO. I love thinking of systems, ways to game it, i can picture the whole process. All of the components as a whole. I see the big picture of SEO and all of the little elements that make it up. This is unique and not everyone can take such a holistic view. On top of that, not everyone can test and prod, and develop a kind of sixth sense for what works and what does not work.

I am unique in this way and it is one of my strengths. So i focus on that.

I on the other hand am awful at presenting. I’m quite introverted and would hate doing video presentations about making money online or anything like that. So that is why i am in SEO and not in video marketing.

I also think i am a better than average writer. Honestly, i don’t think i set the world on fire. But i know i am not bad, and my stuff reads okay.

So i write sometimes. I started out by writing all of my content for my websites. I’ve churned out thousands of pages of content over the last few years. I know when push comes to shove. I can write lots of content, and content that isn’t all that bad as well.

So that lends itself to what i’m good at.

I also have an interest in psychology, sales and copywriting. I’m not an expert by any mean (I think im best at general business strategy and SEO). But it’s another part of the process i am interested in.

Anyway, enough about me. The main point i am getting at is. I enjoy doing this sh*t.I love putting together sites. I love investing in my business. I like writing content. I like writing sales. Granted i wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and write 10 articles on white socks. But making money online doesn’t have to be that.

If you are starting from scratch and don’t have lots of  money to invest and want to do the same thing as me, you will have to write a lot. But the way i see it is that its a means to an ends. Right now, i write about 20% of all the content i put out now and have 4 writers who produce content for my sites on a regular basis.

You have to enjoy the process. It has to be exciting. Find out what excites you and do that.

But then again, don’t do that if there is no money in your niche. The sweet spot is finding a niche where there is proven demand, proven commissions and that you are interested in it.

Failing that, i strongly believe if you love online business or just creating websites of value. It wont matter what niche you are in. You will still develop a love and attachment towards your websites and you will put in the work it takes to make them a success. So for me, i feel that if your passion is online business, it doesn’t matter what niche you choose, within reason.

Work Hard – Or Leverage Other People

I strongly believe that you get out of life what you put in to it. But that doesn’t mean you have to work 16 hour days in order to make an income online.

If you have some money, you can find good writers willing to churn out good content for $10 or $15 an article.

Once you get the ball rolling and are earning say $100 a day. If you invest all that back in to your site, you can grow your website by hundreds of extra articles each month.

Each piece of content earning you extra money.

That is pretty much my strategy. I invest my money back in to my sites in the form of content or in the form of buying links/seo services.

Finding good people is pretty much the key to this. Again, you will get out of this what you put in to it.

Get Clear Goals And A Definite Purpose

You need to start making some definite decisions.

Use logic, intelligence and reason to decide on what you are going to do.

Then set clear goals and make a definite purpose. Right now my definite purpose is “To become one of the top 5 affiliates within XXXXX niche”.

After that my goal might be something else, but until i am at that point, i am going to wake up each morning with that in mind. My long term goal is to become the largest affiliate in iGaming. Sounds like a massive goal, but its one that inspires me every day.

You need to decide what you want to do, why you want to do it, formulate a plan on how to do it. Then commit!

Imprint Your Subconscious and Commit

There is something to be said about “the law of attraction”. To me, the whole thing is totally BS. There is no such thing. But what i do believe is that we have a subconscious mind that is working for us 24/7 based on what we imprint on it.

Most people imprint negative things or nothing at all. So they go around without any clear focus.

What you think about expands. What you think about all day long becomes your reality. If you become crazy obsessed about your websites and are constantly working on them, it’s really fu**ing hard to fail.

Imprinting on your subconscious is easy. You just make clear decisions. Decide what you want to do. Then think about it over and over.

If you do this over and over it will “program your brain”, almost like a computer. Then you will start taking actions towards your goals, almost without effort. Opportunities and ideas will come from almost nowhere and seem like a miracle.

I have witnessed this myself several times in my life.

Now i don’t want to ruin this article by talking about something “voodoo” and made up without logic or reasoning. Because this goes against all of my suggestions. All of how i act is based on logic, reason, facts and sound business advice.

That being said. There is definitely something “unseen” that happens when you program your subconscious with your chief aims in life over and over. I am not going to say there is a “super conscious” or something that happens when you do this. Because i have no proof of this. I can just go by what i have witnessed with myself. And quite frankly, when you imprint your subconscious like this and are willing to take massive action in whatever way “comes to you” as a result of your internal guidance system. Things just start to get better, and come together.

That is what happened for me and is continuing to happen for me.

Take that however you want.

19 Responses to “The Mindset For Making Money Online!”
  1. Alan Kirke

    Crazy value as always, no sell. Just free info, because i am awesome :)

    Yes you are Awesome

    • Andy

      Haha, thanks man :-)

  2. Mike Buyco

    Great Post. I’m still not good with SEO but I love it and hopefully it will love me too. :D

    You really love writing. What’s your advice on someone who isn’t so good at writing. I’m trying to learn how to improve my article writing as I think it’s an important skill set in the long run.

    • Andy

      Probably what Casey said. Just practice writing lots. I have read a lot on Copyblogger. I have also read a couple of books from Amazon on copywriting.

  3. Shirley

    Great post! I love your blog. And I really appreciate you sharing your experience with no selling BS. There are very few SEO blogs I follow (three to be exact) and I am always looking forward to your new posts.

    • Andy

      Your welcome Shirley, thanks for reading!

      • Andy

        Just curious Shirley, what are the other two? :)

  4. Casey Dennison

    @Mike Just keep writing. I use to suck at writing myself, but I kept at it for some time. Now, I can write pretty much anytime I sit down, and it actually flows.

    • Andy

      Exactly Casey, everything gets easier the more you do it.

      Right now i am working on a free eBook for the site. Yesterday i wrote 7500 words. When i first started out i would have never been able to do that.

      The more you do anything, and the more routine it gets, the easier it is. Having that in mind at the beginning definitely helps.

  5. Casey Dennison

    BTW… Great post! You always deliver value. I can tell from your posts that you enjoy writing.

    • Andy

      Thanks man, really appreciate the compliment. Yeah, for me this blog is just fun and i like getting stuff out there. Honestly, it’s a pretty selfish pursuit, writing helps me get clarity in what i am trying to do, so i get benefit from this too.

  6. Drew

    How did you/what made you get into bingo anyway?

    I’m having a helluva time with niche selection..

    • Andy

      I’m from the UK. Bingo is massive over here. At the time it seemed less competitive than Casino, poker and other gambling. So i gave it a go. I saw lots of ads on TV for bingo sites as well. Thought i’d try and piggyback a bit of that exposure.

  7. Kyle

    Hey Andy,

    Great stuff as usual! Like I said before, your blog is refreshing because you cut out all the BS & fluff regarding SEO and you’re not afraid to tell it like it is. This is a good mindset post. Hard work + focus + common sense = success!

    Quick question about blog networks again: How many times do you link out to an individual money site from a blog network site? Say you have a PR4 blog network site…how many links would you send from to a single money site?

    I’ve seen varying theories on this, some people doing only 1 link from a blog network site to each money site to keep a low footprint & make it more natural, while I’ve seen others who do 3-4 links as long as they’re in-post and relevant. Just curious on that one. I’ve tested both & it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference to me.

    Great stuff on the blog, keep up the good work!

    • Andy

      Right now i mix it up about 50/50. Half of my posts are just spun content articles with videos/images in them and no link to my money site. Rest of the posts i link out to my money site, sometimes an authority site as well (Not direct competition).

      TBH though, i am not sure how worthwhile this is, because if my sites get manually reviewed, it will be obvious that im building links in masses. So i will probably get screwed anyway (Despite having one of the best sites in the niche imo).

      I hope that helps.

      • Sam

        It’s that second paragraph that really worries me. If Google did do a manual review of you, just how screwed would you be in the grand scheme of things?

        • Andy

          It’s hard to say. I have my sites quite well segmented with little foot-prints, so i think its extremely unlikely i could loose all of my sites at once.

          Apart from link building practices, my sites are quite “white hat”, in the sense that they are useful, get real social shares, people like my content and view quite a few pages.

          I think if this scares you the best thing would be to get educated about the risks of various tactics and then make a decision based on what kind of risks you are comfortable taking. There is a detailed section on this in my link building guide.

  8. Jayden

    Nice content. As always.

    Your review site –

    What type of products are these?

    Are you using Amazon as an affiliate system?

    Will Google not see your site as a bridge page?

    • Andy

      Mostly they are services where i get a recurring comission when people spend money.

      I don’t use amazon.

      Not if people see value in my site, no. There are certain terms where nothing but affiliates show up, Google has to show something yaknow? :)

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