Mitigating Risk With Aggressive SEO

Alright, things are looking up for me at the moment, i’ve been working my butt off and i’m starting to see some decent results.

Anyway, i want to get on my soapbox and do a bit of preaching.

Right now it is obvious which way Google is going, they are trying to eliminate link spam altogether.

On top of this they are deliberately increasing the value of fresh content in order to increase the “churn” of results.

I mean, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it. If Google churns the results so much that it makes it hard for anyone to rank for any period of time, it increases the ROI of adwords and decreases the ROI of SEO.

THIS IS WHAT GOOGLE WANTS. As SEO’s we have to realize we are directly competing with adwords. If we can get visitors to our clients websites for 30 cents a click but they have to buy Adwords advertising for $1 a click, why would they use adwords? I mean sure if they have a higher ROI than $1 per click they could use adwords, but their resources would be most heavily invested in gaming SEO because it provides much greater returns.

In short, Google does not want this.

Traditionally i have created websites with decent content, tried to game every ranking factor possible (Links, user metrics, content etc) and this has worked well. That is, until they rolled out penguin and panda algorithms.

Essentially these new algorithms increased the risk factor of building links to your site and having “low quality content” on your domain. Quite simply, it became very risky to create an authority site with hundreds of pages and game links to it.

It has forced me to separate my black hat and white hat websites.

Both strategies work. Right now i have sites with no links whatsoever but hundreds of pages of very high quality content doing very well. These sites have literally nothing other that high quality content and good structure.

Likewise, i have EMD sites that are 5 pages big, have purchased a bunch of SAPE links and blog network links ranking. These sites are ranking first page easily on these domains.

But it has force me to completely stop taking the grey hat approach of building questionable links to my high quality sites. The risk factor is simply too large.

In theory i have found a way to blend the two techniques in to one. I find myself splitting my time between:

  • Writing and outsourcing high quality content to my white hat (Google friendly sites).
  • Building links using tools, networks and link buys to my black hat sites, emds, ¬†youtube videos.

Right now this is working, i just created this post to urge people to think about the risk they are undertaking if they are using risky linking practices to their main sites. I thought i would not get hit by gaming every single factor, but i did. End of the day, i don’t think i can outsmart Google. I am now creating sites that fit within the guidelines. And i am also building sites that do not, however i keep them very separate and am okay with losing these sites at some point in the future.


2 Responses to “Mitigating Risk With Aggressive SEO”
  1. Rob Jenkins

    Have you simply given up building even quality links to your white hat sites?

    • Andy

      Nope, i will still build good links and focus on “” type of anchor text links. Although once my white hat sites have a certain level of base authority, i just build them out with good content.

      Also, lets say i tackle a niche, if there is some kind of content that is a bit more “thin” and questionable, i will stick that on a seperate domain.. basically i want to keep my good sites as above board as possible.

      Then the other stuff that is more questionable or aggressive, i want separated a bit. Hope that helps.

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