How To Create Profitable Mini Sites

Building a profitable mini siteThe following is a quick guide for building mini sites, it essentially summarizes a big part of my business model.

But first a quick warning, below is not what i would call a long term business strategy. Right now this strategy works, i have dozens of sites like the ones below currently ranking, bringing me in thousands of dollars per month.

That being said, a decent percentage of my mini sites are also getting penalized by Google. In short, Google does not want these sites to rank.

So if you are willing to take some risks and accept the consequences, this is a good tactic to get a fast return on investment. Just be aware of both of the risks and the potential rewards.

With that being said, lets stop messing about and lets start building profitable mini sites.

Mini Site Research

  • Pick a niche with proven buyers and proven commissions.
  • I like to operate in niches and industries with high paying CPA’s (Cost per acquisition). It is not unusual for me to get $100+ per sale. If i make 10 sites and they each get me 1 sale a month that is $1000 in commissions. This is totally doable.
  • Pick a single keyword for the site. You can go for generic commercial keywords, or product names. Check out my keyword research and niche research pages for more info.

Domain Registration Tips

  • Try to register a .com exact match. If that is gone you can either go for a .com partial match domain. Or try to get an exact match domain that is not a .com. I always avoid .info and .biz domains, simply because i feel like they are given less weight in Google (Just my opinion).
  • Register for 2+ years, this shows Google you are serious and not a fly by night company.
  • You don’t need a domain, you can do this on a web 2.0 page if you want. E.G Blogspot or Tumblr.

Site Creation Tips

  • Set up WordPress.
  • Install the following plugins: Google XML Sitemaps, all in one SEO and Newstatpress (Free stats program, don’t use Google Analytics).
  • Change permalinks to: /%postname%/
  • Optional: Create about page, contact page, privacy policy and terms of service page. Increases trust.
  • Choose a theme. I like using Thesis.

Creating Your Content

  • Create a 1000+ word article related to your product or service. (Not 100% nesseary, but i like to write something detailed and high quality on it, if you can write good copy that is a plus).
  • Aim for 2% keyword density, but it really doesn’t matter that much.
  • Do not use more than 3 affiliate links on the page.
  • Do not put to many ad blocks above the fold.
  • Add an image (Above the fold if possible) and use your keywords as the ALT text.
  • Use <h2> and <h3> tags. Incorporate your keyword in to them, but a softer touch is better now post panda/penguin. Write so it incorporates your keywords every now and again in a natural way. Do not place your keywords in every <h2> and <h3> tag.
  • Do not bold your keywords (Can lead to over optimization penalties).
  • Link out within your 1000 word article twice to two authority sites that are not competitors (Think or Wikipedia). This improves your site trust.
  • Embed a Youtube video.
  • Create multiple other pages for keyword modifiers of your origional keyword. For example, say your origional keyword was “product name”, you can create other pages for “product name review”, “Product name bonus”, “Product name case study” or whatever. Use the Adwords keyword tool for research and your own common sense.
  • Make sure your content is good, and engaging. You want people to spend time on your site and then click the affiliate link. Seperate your articles in to multiple sub-headings, use bullet points, use images, embed videos. Create the most genuinely useful content you are capable of.

Optional Stuff

  • I generally add my article as a page, then set that page to appear as the homepage in WordPress.
  • If my site starts to get traffic i add supporting articles.


It is important that you get as much money out of the traffic you get as possible. Quite simply because this is an aggressive tactic and you never know how long it will work for.

Here is what you should do:

  • Have at least one strong call to action button above the fold. E.G “Click here now to..”
  • Make sure the button stands out.
  • Emphasize the benefits of the product or  service and how it will help your visitor.
  • Talk about the problems it solves, pain it relieves or the gain they can get from using it.
  • Use a call to action at the bottom in the middle of the article and again at the bottom of the article.
  • Use a lightbox pop-up or prominent e-mail opt-in box to create an email list.
  • Make sure you are using an affiliate program that pays you a large amount per conversion. Failing that, you can sustitute for a lower paying program only if the amount of traffic you can get is substantially larger.
  • No i do not use Amazon or Adsense or anything like that. Commissions seem far to low per click.

Now you should have a bada*s website up. You have a site up with a 1000+ word article on it. You have set up your domain in a way that will show Google you are the real deal. You have optimized your content, added an image and have added affiliate links to monetize your site.

Now here comes the fun bit: Promotion.

Backlinking Strategy

When it comes to backlinking, depending on how tough your keyword is you may need a light touch or you may have to bring out the big guns. Depending on how competitive your keyword is, you will need a different approach. Here are my top tips for backlinking your site to make it rank top 3 in Google.

  • You want to vary backlink anchors hugely now. The common factor in sites that got penalized by Penguin was over optimized anchor text.
  • You want to use a variety of different backlinking methods.
  • You will want to use tiered link building practices.

What I Do

Quick disclaimer: This is what i do to rank websites fast, i get results, that being said, i am smart about my spamming. Your results may not be the same as mine.

Note: Most of the services i recommend are paid services. I am sure its possible to create these kind of backlinks for free or reduce costs slightly if you are on a big budget, however to get the best results you are going to need to invest some money in to backlinking your website.

This is what i do:

  • I create several spun articles from my 1000 word article. Each 500-600 words long. I sometimes write another article and spin this as well. I spin my articles manually and they are all high quality and perfectly readable by humans. I use The Best Spinner to do this. I also use Ultra Spinable articles, i would use them if you can find spun articles related to your niche/product.
  • I submit manually to the big web 2.0 sites like,, Squidoo and Hubpages. Find your own list.
  • I submit manually to the big article sites like Ezinearticles and Go Articles.
  • I use SE Nuke to create as many properties as possible. Currently SE Nuke has a total of around 800 properties of differing value. I just create as many as possible and use them as a tier 1. A cheaper software that does almost the same thing is Ultimate Demon.
  • I use a bunch of blog networks to build links to my site. Currently I am using Traffic Kaboom, Article Ranks and Unique Article Wizard. Again, these are tier 1 links for me.
  • I create a list of all the links i have created, this can be thousands and thousands of links.
  • I then use my VPS to spam the hell out of these links by sending Xrumer and Scapebox links to them. I have my VPS running 24/7 spamming X Rumer and Scrapebox links to my tier 1 links.
  • I create social media “buffer pages”, so i create a Facebook page, a Twitter, a Youtube, Google+ profile etc. I then throw low quality profile and comment links at these pages as well.
  • There are other optional methods to use such as building press release links, video site links, pad links etc. I even throw stuff like GSA directory links , GSA Ranker links, AMR links etc at some sites. It depends how competitive the KW is. The tougher the keyword the more links i throw at a site.
  • If know this is out of the scope of this article, but if i am building an authority site i will buy links privately as well, either homepage links or blog post links. Buying links still works as long as your smart about it.
  • If i do all of the above and i still don’t rank i then buy homepage PR backlinks from SEO forums to point at my mini site.
  • You can also buy links from relevant sites in your niche.
I keep doing this process until i achieve the ranking i want. Remember, the #1 spot gets the most traffic by far, so if you get to the top 10, your traffic and profits will increase significantly if you can achieve a number 1 ranking spot.

Anchor Text

Providing i mix up my anchors, i will rank my website every single time.  I get lots of partial match anchor keywords, URL naked links and then non anchor links like “click here” and “visit this website”.

My anchor text distribution ideally will be something like:

  • 25% target keyword anchor.
  • 35% partial match variations.
  • 25% url/naked links variations.
  • 15% generic “Click here” links and variations.

Time span usually is between 2 weeks and 3 months to get ranked depending on the competitiveness of the

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this Panda and Penguin proof?
A. If you create a good enough article/site your site should be Panda proof. If you diversify your anchors enough you should be Penguin proof (Although nothing is a guarantee). I have to admit that using blog networks is a risk and its up to you whether to decide whether you think the risks are worth the rewards. Personally i think the risks are worth the rewards, i have memberships at a lot of networks and i diversify a lot. So if a network is taken down or deindexed i don’t lose all of my sites because all of my sites get backlinks from different sources.

A final note on this strategy: This is not really a long term strategy. Each of my sites i have made using this method earn me between $0 and $1000 a month (Large commissions).

Most typically earn me around $2-300 per month. How passive is this income? Fairly, as long as you can avoid going down to Google updates. I have had sites ranking using this method and variations of this method for roughly two years now, so it works and it makes money.

If you need a quick method to make real website assets that bring in real money each and every month, this is a good one for you. Its a lot of hard work but the money is real and its highly scalable. Unfortunately some of the tools require some investment, i am sure its possible to hustle and do this method without investing any money but heck, that would be a lot harder.

You should be able to churn one of these out a day, so there is definitely scale in this. It’s just hard work.

A way of cutting costs would be by manually creating a lot of properties and submitting your spun articles manually to web 2.0’s and article directories, then use a tool like Scrapebox to blast links to these links. Perhaps use a blog network or two if you can afford it as well. That being said, if you want the full benefits of this strategy you are going to have to invest some money in to your business.

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    Great post! Thank you so much for sharing. I also loved your SEO blueprint. I am relatively new to SEO and IM and this information is extremely helpful. Though I realize I still have much to learn to implement some of the linking strategies you are talking about.

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