RankWyz Review

RankWyz (Formerly known as ArticleWyz) is the fastest and cheapest way to start your own private blog network.

The service allows you to post to 100+ different web 2.0 blog sites. It features sites like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and many more. It then allows you to post your own content to these sites and link back to your money sites increasing their rankings within Google.

I currently am using the WhiteWyzard plan and have 500 blogs at RankWyz linking back to a variety of my money sites in different website niches.

Once you have paid your subscription fee, you can then buy blog accounts from the store. These accounts are 30 cents each.

After that you can start posting content to them. You can post regular articles (Not recommended)  or your own spun content.

The service also integrates with ArticleBuilder.net.

The benefits do not end their, if you build your own private blog network, you can use RankWyz to automatically post to those blogs as well.

How It Works – In Simple Terms!

What Are the Benefits of RankWyz?

Benefits include:

  • Up to 5 posts per day per blog (500 blogs=2500 contextual posts to your websites per day).
  • Huge IP diversity.
  • Huge platform diversity.
  • Add images to posts.
  • Add YouTube videos to posts.
  • Not sharing your links with other less desirable sites (Drawback of blog networks).
  • Easy to use/intuitive interface.
  • Post to your own WordPress blogs (Manage your own high PR domain/private blog network).
  • Store and drip feed out articles.
  • Export all of your URL’s.
  • Purchase web 2.0 blog accounts for 30 cents each.
  • Use as many anchor text as you want (Penguin friendly) and allow the system to insert generic keywords a certain percentage of the time (E.g “click here” type keywords).
  • New: RankWyz will build links to your site from blog comments and forum profiles automatically.
  • New: RankWyz integrates with indexing services like Lindexed and Indexification.
  • New: RankWyz now has a free rank tracker that can track your keywords and ranking positions for any URL’s you would like.

How I Use RankWyz

Right now i am kicking ass with RankWyz, the ranking improvements i am seeing after using this service for a few months are massive. That being said, this is not one of those set and forget services. You have to invest time and money in to building links to your network. This is how i do this:

  • I use blog networks (Like UAW, Articleranks etc) to build links to my Rankwyz blog homepages.
  • I use SENuke to build links to my blog homepages.
  • I use SB Bomber and Wiki Bomber to build links to my blogs.
  • I use Scrapebox, Xrumer and GSA search engine ranker to build links directly to my blog posts.

This obviously takes some effort and is not something that can be done overnight. That being said, when you put in this effort you will have your own private network. Imagine just firing up a few blog posts and being able to rank any page you want for any medium competition keywords.

This truly is a very powerful tool and if you can’t see the SEO benefits of that you really need to stop reading right now.

A Quick Tour Of RankWyz

Drawbacks Of RankWyz

Having used RankWyz for a few months i did have some teething problems. For the most part the system is intuitive and easy to use, that being said when i had some problems with the posting service i found them difficult to sort out.  For a brief period i went a week without posting articles because i could not figure something out.

My experience with the support team has been mixed. For the most part i am happy, they are helpful and polite. I did go a period of 3 days without getting a response from them which i thought kind of sucked (This was over a weekend period though).

All in all i am very happy with the service, despite having a few difficulties using the software. It is not a super easy newbie friendly tool, so if you find it a little difficult to use, stick with it, i am so happy i did.

December 2012 update: The RankWyz team have been running out a steady stream of updates. The control panel and user experience has been upgraded and seems a lot more “newbie friendly”.


As you can tell, i am obviously a fan of this service. It’s the first review i have made on this site, quite simply because it’s my favorite service and i want as many webmasters to use it as possible.

Do not purchase this if you are looking for a simple 1 click solution to all of your business troubles. That solution does not exist.

RankWyz however is a fantastic solution for building backlinks to your website and increasing your search engine traffic from Google.

If you would like to purchase RanWyz, i would be ever so appreciative if you do so through my affiliate link.

RankWyz Discount Code

RankWyz currently offer a 10% discount when you sign-up through my link. Click the button below and enter code NINJA. This is the best possible bonus for RankWyz. Previously the bonus was a 50% (Then 30%) off, but since then they have revoked that bonus. If you do sign-up through the link below, i guarantee you this is the best possible RankWyz price.

 Click Here To Sign-Up To RankWyz (Affiliate Link)

Enter code: NINJA

Full disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links. That being said, i will not promote products that i cannot endorse. RankWyz is a SEO tool i use on a daily basis. It is not an all-in one SEO tool, and it will not get you first page rankings on it’s own with no effort. That being said, this is an excellent tool and should be used as part of a balanced SEO strategy. I have experienced great results with this software. Like everything in life, results may vary and i strongly believe that you will get out what you put in to this service.

11 Responses to “RankWyz Review”
  1. Ernest


    I tried to sign up through your link but its only giving me 30% off and not the 50% you said in your post. Please get back to me through th e-mail I used for this comment. Thanks

    • Andy

      Hi, by entering the code you get the best possible discount for RankWyz. I think the 50% off promotions are now gone for good. These were offers they were running when they were first starting up. Now they are successful and have a massive client base, i doubt you will see another offer like 50% off.

  2. Suresh

    Hi Andy,

    Is this just to vary your link profile or do you see a traffic rise using this tool? If yes, within how much time?


    • Andy

      This tool is critical for me. I use it to maintain my private blog network.

      Because my strategy is very integrated overall, its hard to say how much my results come from the web 2.0 blog and how much it comes from other things.

      On top of that i am building links to my blogs using other SEO tools and services. This in turns boosts my web 2.0 links.

      I think to get the most out of this tool you need to take a long term approach and use it as part of your strategy with other SEO tools.

      If you want an all-in-one solution that will get you rankings, this is not it, but this tool/service is a critical piece of the puzzle and to me, it’s worth much more than the subscription fee each month.

  3. Lozzer

    Hi Andy

    Great site and a good review. I’m interested in one of the remaining places on Rankwyz (as it’s now called) – but something worries me about your strategy with it…

    If you build blog clusters using this software that are full of crappy content – and just churn and burn the segmented traffic clusters – I’m concerned the authority of the Web 2.0 sites in themselves won’t be enough in the long term to stop the money site being penalized.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love this to work (and I know it has for you in the short term) – but even with a mix of high quality links/social signals going to your money sites, won’t these Rankwyz spammy Web 2.0 networks ultimately hurt the authority of the money sites beneath them? I don’t think the cushion is as significant as you think? (If your link segmenting does prove to work though, I know what I’ll be doing in 2013!).

    Anyway, while I’m here – your SEO ebook is a great read too by the way :-)



    • Andy

      Most of the web 2.0 sites are on their own sub-domains. It’s kind of like yoursite.blogspot.com and yoursite.wordpress.com etc.

      This means you are in control of all the content that is posted to that web 2.0.

      If you build up these over time, adding good, readable spun content, the value of these blogs would be considerable.

      Once built up + backlinks built to them, Google will start to see these links as relevant authority links and not pure low quality spam.

      This is actually a long term strategy.

      With any service, you can use it in a completely low quality or spammy way or in a high quality and value adding way. There is a lot of value in this tool. It’s really powerful.

  4. Loz

    Hi Andy

    Any thoughts on my comment above please?



    • Andy

      Sorry for the late reply Loz. Hopefully i answered your questions in the post above.

  5. Aaron

    I’m curious, can I use different spins of the same articles from The Leading Articles across multiple pages on the same Web 2.0 profile and the same across different Web 2.0 profiles as well? Basically reusing the same article with different spins across multiple sites and even different pages on the same site?

    I would also use Article Builder and spin in pics and videos randomly as well of course.

    To what extent can I use the same spun content on these blog networks?

  6. Mike


    Do you know any sites that provide similar service? It seems like Rankwyz does not have good customer service. They never respond to my support e-mail. I also purchased their blogs and most are “invalid” already.


  7. Syed Anwar

    Thanks for the detailed review. They are now offering a 30 day trial period when I last checked. I was thinking of subscribing but was not able to decide between FCS Network (another similar service) and Rankwyz. After reading this post, I shall give them a try.

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