The SEO Strategy That Works

SEO StrategyThe following post will be a long one. Right now i’m totally buzzing, too much caffeine, so be prepared for a word dump.

Basically i am going to tell you exactly what i am going to be doing in 2013 to dominate my niche.

No $37 eBook. This sh*t is free, i don’t care about giving it away because none of you guys are competing with me in anyway.

So lets get started.

What It Takes To Rank…

I have basically reverse engineered the Google algorithm. Right now Panda and Penguin have taken out a lot of my dumbass competition, ranking quickly has never been this easy.

Basically all you need to do is sort out on-page factors and then sort out off-page factors. There are a million and one things that Google counts, however the main ones are as follows:

Off-page ranking factors

Pr + Relevance: It’s all about this. Here is what i am doing right now. I am buying up expired domains like crazy from Godaddy auctions. I am getting PR3 domains for $20, pr4’s for less than $60. You need to get ones with a bunch of links and then get them for a good price. I use a kickass tool to snipe these, i will be explaining more about this in a later post. But if you really want to find out, i am sure the info is out there for free on the web somewhere.

Right now im spending like $2k a month on these domains and building my own network. I have basically figured out i can rank for anything. It is simply a question of how much. Would you be willing to spend $5k on domains to rank #1 for a keyword that will make you $100 a day. I think so, it’s what i am doing. Its just a matter of picking the right keywords and figuring out how much.

Now i understand a lot of you don’t have this kind of budget. You can start out small. But this is what is killing it right now.

I also buy pr names from brokers.

I am also buying blog posts on relevant sites with PR. This works great.

Brute force still helps: I have tonnes of spun content. I add them to web 2.0’s or basically anything SE Nuke can make. Then i fire as many crappy links at them as possible. You can get a VPS with these tools pre loaded. I basically have this stuff running 24/7 and its just another method that allows me to rank.

Blog networks work still: That being said, i wont point these at my main money sites anymore. The risk does not seem to be worth the reward. Simply put, Google will go after big networks and take them down eventually.

You can still see a good ROI through them though. You just need to do the work. The ones that allow unlimited submissions are good. I am using Article Ranks, UAW and ALN. Right now i am pointing them at web 2.0 domains. I basically make a page on a web 2.0 site. For example or I then fire hundreds and hundreds of spun articles at these. I will basically rank a totally crap page quickly by doing this. I will also throw my automated VPS links at it as well.

Right now i have about 100 of these sites ranking. Some for keywords that get as many as 100k searches a month. They all bring me sales and traffic. I just build them and forget. I can launch maybe 2 or 3 of these a day if i work hard. Spam them to death with links and rank them.

Once they rank i sometimes add more pages, more content and stuff like that. Shockingly most of them still rank with crappy content or little content. My competitors must hate me.

I then use these sites as a buffer, i will link them to my money sites as well and transfer the juice that way and use them as a buffer between my sites and blog networks.

Social media links help but not as much as you would expect.

On-page Stuff

Honestly i have pages ranking with like 100 words on the page and ads everywhere. These are my churn and burn sites and are basically ranked through brute force of links. There is no point writing 1000 word articles for these types of sites.

Quality content sort of helps. That being said, when you are building up an authority site, you need to be much more cognizant of the following:

Usability of site: Google sucks at determining quality content still. You might hate on me for saying this but it’s true. The fact i can rank so much bullshit so easily proves this. That being said, if you have an affiliate site that has like a 30 second time on site, 1.1 pageviews average, you are going to get canned by Google eventually. What you actually need to do is get people to look around your site. Make it sticky. Get them to view 5 pages and spend 5 minutes on the site. You will get rewarded for this, guaranteed  Google can tell this stuff and its an important factor in staying in Googles good books. Especially with newish sites.

Other stuff that helps: Images help. H1 tags help (Don’t listen to people who say they don’t). Linking out to trusted authority sites helps. Embedding Youtube videos helps. Content length probably helps a little. But it is more important to create a site people browse than a site that bores people with 1000 words of fluff. How good your site is actually matters. How long your content is doesn’t matter as much.

Authorship helps: Google wants to stop no named people setting up a thousand EMD’s and ranking. They want trusted authors. Set up authorship for your sites. Link in your Facebook and Twitter. Circle people who are relevant in your niche. If nothing else it will give you a cool picture next to your content which will definitely increase your CTR from Google back to your site (Which is definitely a small ranking factor in itself).

How To Succeed In 2013

Here is what i am doing right now.

I am working HARD.

I am buying domains. I am buying content. I am building links. I am varying anchor text. I am creating sites that people like, browse, come back to. I am getting traffic through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube as well as Google.

The thing that will allow me to dominate my niche in 2013 is that i have figured out a system to rank a single page on the first page of Google. I am then scaling it FAST. I am building many pages each day. I am creating many sites and domains. I am creating everything from EMD mini sites to huge authority sites. I am using very aggressive and very passive link building techniques. I am hedging my bets.

This is hustle. This is hard work. It’s not easy. And f*ck, it’s not a 1 click solution to anything.

I am taking action. I don’t claim to have the perfect SEO formula. But i know right now, if i write the content, build the links, i will rank first page. I am going to continue to do this all the way to the bank. I am not stopping for anyone.

If things change, i will adapt and i will continue working hard until i make my million. It’s as simple as that. I am not worried about what update Google will bring out next. I am not worried about what my competition is doing. I am not worried about anything. To put it quite simply, i am working like a mad man.

Good luck in 2013. Now go crush it!

19 Responses to “The SEO Strategy That Works”
  1. Pat

    Hey Andy,

    Nice post. I’m just curious. How are you doing your anchor text breakdown? Are you focusing heavily on brand and URL anchors? Thanks.

    • Andy

      Yes i am doing that. I basically break it down like this:

      Low quality/medium quality links: Mostly URL variations, brand links or generic links.
      High PR/high authority/high trust links: Mostly keyword variation.

      This allows me to basically get the most out of my high value links and have a massive buffer of low quality links that stops me getting flagged by anything like Panda/Penguin/EMD etc.

      To basically dodge penalties i go low on keyworded anchor density. I also de-optimize pages, i dont really try and rank them at all. I just make sure i have KW’s in the title tag really. On EMD’s i link out to authorities, add images, embed a Youtube. Then stick whatever offer im promoting at the top of the page. Seems to be working.

      • Pat

        Cool! Thanks very much. I just built a little niche site a few weeks ago. Hoping to be kicking some a** with it soon. I’ll follow your model and try to report back.

        • Andy

          Good luck man, try to remember you need to be a bit more conservative with new sites. I am pretty sure there are penalty thresholds and they are probably higher on new sites. That is just my theory anyway.

          Definitely vary your anchor text a lot at the start. That’s what i do. All the best.

  2. Alex C.

    Great post. I’m wondering about Google authorship. I have several blogs that I run where I know a lot about each topic (some on my work, others on hobby) but I don’t want to link the same author to all niches as I think it looks a bit weird. Also, I don’t want to use my real name on most of them (the only one I DO want it on is my work related one). What’s the solution to this?

    • Andy

      I have dozens of bingo websites. Each have a different authorship profile. I use fake ones :)

      I would only link them together if you are doing something pretty white hat and are happy to put your name to everything you do or that the sites are very closely themed.

      If you are “gaming” Google, you don’t really want to leave a massive footprint tying all of your sites together. That being said, you cant really hide from Google anymore, they will get stats on your site and give you some kind of quality score whether you are registered to webmaster tools, Analytics, authorship etc. It’s gonna happen. I just try and avoid making it easy for Google to see every site that i own.

  3. Vusal


    How about the quantity? How many links from a private network?
    And do you have a guide for an effective private network?

    I am ready to invest in domains and hosting, but a bit afraid to take action due to the risk.


    • Andy

      How many you need will depend on the keyword. If you want to rank for “forex brokers” you will obviously need more links that if you wanted to rank for something much more obscure.

      This strategy works but you have to invest in it and its basically what a lot of the big guys are doing now, as well as buying up links.

      There are definitely ways to make some money without investing in tonnes and tonnes of domains. Primarily this is a re-investment strategy for me now, so it doesnt feel as “risky” because i already investing “free money” i have earned from my existing Google traffic.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Jovi

    Hi Andy,

    please let us know what tool you’re using to snipe those domains from GoDaddy.
    I personally use TDNAM scraper plugin in Scrapebox. It returns around 150k domains. After that I run a PR check on all, check whether PR is real, pick only PR3+ ones and do batch analysis in Ahrefs, check the ones that have links and check whether those links are live / have PR.

    With all above, it’s pretty hard to pick a good domain. Yesterday, for example, I was only able to get a 6yr old PR3 (non-dropped) with live PR backlinks for around 18 bucks, that’s it. Other ones were picked before I even checked whether they’re still available on auctions :)

    So, if you say what tool you’re using, I will be more than happy :)
    I assume you don’t take those with BIN, but participate in auctions?
    And do you buy dropped domains as well?


    • Andy

      I am using PR Powershot, this will filter them to domains with pagerank.

      I then do what you do and analyse all them automatically, then i check out the ones that have links.

      I then run the hand picked ones through a PR checker to make sure they are legit and run through other backlinking tools.

      I got a pr4 domains yesterday for $40+fees which had links from Huffington post, Groupon, Dell, Ask Men and a bunch of other media outlets. I basically look at it from a ROI stand point, i would pay $40 a month for those kind of links, yet i can buy the domain…

      After i buy names i stick them on SEO hosting, then i run them through SE Nuke. I am experimenting running a few through blog networks…

      I also look for niche relevant ones.. I paid $100 for a pr3 domain thats 12 years old. I then 301d it straight away to a new money site i am starting in that niche. For $100 it helps me start a new money site without waiting so long to get in Googles good books.

      I buy a few BIN ones. I found some decent ones with 100+ root domains. Most are totally trash though.

      In the end the more you research the more it pays off.

      Godaddy fees are kinda sucky though, thats why i am getting only strong pr4+ atm.

      Hope that helps.

      – Andy

      • Jovi

        Thanks for the reply!

        You just seem to be luckier than me to buy those domains :) For good PR4’s I see prices go too high.

        I assume you buy domains with drops as well?

        Yeah, I hate godaddy fees to, you can only save on renewal, that sucks.

        • Andy

          The harder i work the luckier i get :)

  5. Bambu

    Thanks for a great post. Glad to see you are doing so well. You mention you buy some of your PR domains from website brokers. Can you share your broker contact info?


    • Andy

      I will make a new post about it, i have a lot of different sources and would require a whole post to talk about my complete process and where i buy them from etc. Sorry if that doesn’t help, i should be doing a new post soon.

  6. Jason

    Hi Andy! Found your website through WF and it is such a joy to see a quality SEO focused blog among all the fluff, the affiliate links and the general noobie-ness. :)

    Can’t wait for your new post on domain brokers! Can you throw us a few links first so we can do our due diligence?


    • Andy

      Sorry for the delay. Awesome guide coming out this week! Stay tuned :)

  7. Chris

    Good summary here. I also have used PR powershot. I also have a broker friend who can find some good ones and will rebuild the site in straight HTML.

    Here’s some of my thoughts/strategies:

    1. Blog posts from High PR domains in revelant content, if not relevant niche. I also want the CMS’s to be varying (Joomla, Drupal, Straight HTML, WP, Magento, etc)
    2. Homepage and blog post links from relevant domains in revelant content (same details as above), but maybe a footer or sidebar link here and there.
    3. Web 2.0’s built out with content, 1 per month linking to homepage and interior money site pages.
    4. And some medium-low quality like article submissions, wikis, other web 2.0, bookmarking. No spam comments or forum links though.

    I see it rolling out like this:

    Phase 1: Hit the site with number #4 above while doing the hard grunt work of 1,2, and 3.
    Phase 2: Only do 1,2,3 and tons of content where applicable.
    Phase 3: Work on site usability once you have traffic and baseline data. Improve bounce rate, time on site, conversions, etc.

    The mixing of 1,2,3,4 together as time progresses hedges bets and helps out weigh any chance that medium quality stuff hurts. Nevertheless, any active linkbuilding like we’re mentioning has risk.

    NOTE: Steps 1,2,3 can be either your own network or a trusted friends/sourcers network.

  8. YJ

    Hi Andy,
    May i know how shld tier 1 being built?

    For tier1, do u mainly build on web2 sites? or article direcoties?
    How many properties do u build? 4 / 8 / 10?

    Let say when building 4-8 web2.0 &/ directories articles for tier-1,
    >>do u use 4-8 Unique articles with Diff. topics?
    Or use 4-8 Spun articles with Diff. topic?
    Or just spun 1 article for the 4-8 properties?

    That mean: there will be 4-8 PR (N/A or 0) 1-page site, and will blasting hundreds of links to these tier-1 will help to rank the money-page?

    Lastly, which PBN you recommend if u can only join 1 network?
    (i saw a competitor site rank by using Same article, Same anchor text posting to PBN, any view on this?)

    Hope u can reply..


  9. BrettB

    Good stuff. What’s working for me this year are forums and membership sites.

    As I’m a programmer I’ve also had a go at building stuff that’s USEFUL. I think this is the way forward for me. Shame it’s so much harder to get a useful site noticed these days without WF bans and links being taken out of comments!

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