Read This First: Understanding The Correct SEO Mindset!

If you are new to the world of SEO and have just landed on this page, you need to thank your lucky stars because you are about to get an amazing free education on how to get bucket loads of free traffic to your website and make all the money you ever wanted.

First of all, the reason you are super lucky to be here is because there are a million and 1 so called SEO experts. Listening to the wrong ones will be a sure fire way to screw up your business and stunt your growth as you attempt to make money online.

Why am i any better? Well, the difference between me and every other SEO “guru” is that i do not claim to have 100% of the answers.

That being said, i like to think about SEO in a logical and analytical way, with a science based mindset.

Everything i do has to validate with my own internal computer and if it doesn’t i don’t take that on board.

I start out by asking questions like “What would i do if i was Google?”, “How can i test this theory?” and “Does this make sense?”.

After that i then test my theories and abandon the ones that don’t work. In short, i am a shortcut. I have done the testing, i have done the work, i am in the trenches doing this sh*t every day.

This is a very strong starting point as you launch yourself in to the SEO world. The difference between this starting mindset and the mindset of listening to an SEO guru, say Rand Fishkin or Google’s Chief Propaganda Officer Matt Cutt’s, is that i do not have an agenda.

People might say i peddal “blackhat tools” or try to promote various services. That being said, i also talk a lot about buying links, doing PR, getting guest post spots etc. I test what works and i do it. I then tell you.

This is nothing against Rand Fishkin or Matt Cutts, i am sure they are both great guys. I just happen to think they  have their own personal agendas based on their companies objectives.

My agenda is to figure out exactly what works and give you guys the best, most up-to-date and effective SEO advice. Basically, i want to figure out what works so that i can rank my own affiliate websites and rank my own SEO clients. I am not trying to sell you some one-time-offer, i am not trying to get you to agree with my own personal agenda.

In short i am in search of truth.

If you are on board, give me a hell yeah!

Lets get started:

SEO Truth #1 – Google Is A Math Problem!

The thing that cracks me up when i read forums all the time is people saying you need to avoid doing XYZ. “Oh i can’t build links otherwise the Penguin algorithm will penalize me” or “EMD sites do not work” or my all time favourite, “I need to write 1000 words of quality content or i will get a Panda penalty”.

The truth is, Google is a math problem.

They use various metrics to evaluate the quality and relevance of  a page to a search query. They rank them in order based on which ones shows the best metrics and then display them. It is as simple as that.

In order to avoid penalties you just need to appear between the lines of what Google thinks is natural.

Google is not some all seeing, all dancing god computer. It is a computer algorithm, and as long as that is the case you will always be able to trick your way or cheat your way to the top.

Granted the Google algorithm is very complex and unless you work for Google you wont understand 100% of what is happening, but as SEO’s now, it’s possible to assertain with a high degree of accuracy exactly what things are important and what things you need to avoid doing.

How do we do this, by testing.

As someone who runs a 5-figure a month business based on “cheating Google”, i can tell you that it is still very much possible. In-fact, it is easier than ever.

Google judges websites based on 3 general categories:

  • On-page metrics: The content on your page/overall website. The text, the images, the title tags etc.
  • Off-page metrics: The “votes” for your website, based on links or social votes.
  • Site quality metrics: Google is blurring the boundaries between both of the above by giving sites quality scores. This is based overall on the links that come to your site, the content on your site and how visitors use your website. For example, if you build a website that is so valuable everyone who visits the site visits for 30 minutes, shares all your shit on Facebook and updates their twitter saying “look at this epic site”, Google is becoming smart enough to start to register these things as votes and will bump you up if enough people do this.

SEO Truth #2 – Content And Links Are The Core Of The Google Algorithm!

A few years ago, SEO was very easy. All you had to do was put lots of “relevant” content on your website and build tonnes of links and you would rank for anything you wanted.

This was and still is at the core of the Google algorithm. Think of content and links as the foundation in which the Google algorithm was built around.

Now fast forward a few years, content and links should still be the most important things you work on whilst trying to build your website. The only thing has changed is how Google evaluates website content quality and links/votes. Basically, the bar has been raised… and this is not a bad thing.

For example, SEO in 2007 = content + mass links.

SEO in 2013 = Good content + Good sites that humans enjoy + Links (Done the right way) + Other Votes

Basically, what you have to do now has expanded. There are more hoops to jump through and more pitfalls to avoid.

For the most part this has impacted small businesses and individuals negatively. I see people complain all the time complain about how Google favors big brands and stuff like that. Honestly, that is not the case. The newest algorithms have basically just raised the bar for webmasters. Before the barriers to entry were low. Now they are a bit higher. Basically the ignorant and the misguided lose out.

This is not a bad thing. In the niche i compete in, much of my competition has been wiped out.

If you do things right, it has never been easier to rank in Google than it is now.

SEO Truth #3 – Google Does Not Care About You or Your Business

Google’s primary agenda is to increase profits for shareholders.

Googles secondary agenda is to show the best quality results first.

The “assault” on SEO starting in 2011 with the Panda updates was Googles attempt to kill two birds with one stone.

Google does not care about you. They have no vested interest in you. All they care about is their own profits and the quality of their search results.

This means that Google may tell you lies.

Think of it like this. It is in Google’s best interest for them to actively discourage all SEO tactics.

Why? Because if they told you exactly what worked and how to game the algorithm, the search results would be full of spam.

If they told you that link schemes and blog networks were not only ok, but they worked incredibly well, what do you think would happen? Every single person with a website would go out there and build tonnes of links using these schemes. It would royally fuck up Google. What people do not know is that you can essentially buy rankings in Google. All you have to do is build a good website and buy the right types of links.

The cost of doing this is much cheaper than using Google adwords to buy PPC traffic. If everyone knew the truth, Google’s bottom line would be severely affected.

On top of this, for Google the stakes are enormous. If their engine shows crappy results or results full of spam, people would go elsewhere. They would stop using and trusting Google.

When you understand that Google’s motive is to protect and increase profits, SEO starts to make a lot of sense.

Google is running scared. They are using fear and propaganda to freeze webmasters and to try and stop them using manipulative tactics.

And guess what… they have succeeded  Just check out any forum nowadays, you will find droves of people spouting off Google propaganda or telling you to stay away from certain tactics because they are “risky”.

I know you are smarter than this. I know you can see exactly what is going on here.

The war on blog networks: Google showed their hand big time here. Why do you think they went around and manually deindexed all of the Build My Rank and Authority Link Network Blog Network? They did it because it works. Not only does it work, but it works very well.

Why does it work? Because its a simple and easy source of high pagerank/authority links. If you get enough of these, your website will rank. Period.

But Didn’t SEO Change?

Over the last couple of years we have seen Google get “smarter”. They haven’t got smarter, like i said earlier, they have just increase the amount of hoops you need to jump through.

For example, the following algorithms updates required webmasters to do new things:

Panda: Panda targetted website quality. If you had to much “low quality content” or a website that visitors did not like (Low time on site, low browse rate). How did i escape panda? I added extra content to pages, more images, more videos, i interlinked my posts together (Wikipedia style). I made real efforts to make my site better (Higher time on site, higher pageviews per visitors) and i removed lots of ads above the fold. I also linked out to authority sites occasionally. These simple tactics single handidly brought back several of my sites from penalties and “tricked” Google to thinking my website was high quality. And to be perfectly honest, my site is higher quality now, so if that was Google’s objective, they succeed. That being said, i am still gaming them and getting boat loads of free traffic and sending it to affiliate offers..

Penguin: Penguin was an assault on low quality link building practices. Basically you had to appear more natural. How did i beat penguin? I stopped linking to my site from forums profiles and comments. I stopped using auto software to get links from shitty pr0 sites. I implemented pyramid linking practices. I diversified my anchors hugely. I added un-optimized anchors like “click here” and raw URL links. I then continued going balls out throwing high PR/high authority links with exact anchor text and my rankings kept on shooting up without getting penalized.

EMD: Basically Google’s objective with the EMD update was to stop people throwing up a single page crappy EMD site and ranking for a keyword exploiting the bonus they give exact match domains. In short they applied both the Panda and Penguin algorithms to look at the domain. They got rid of the bulk of sites that had little authority and were not a great user experience. My biggest affiliate sites are EMD’s. They aren’t small sites though. They are large 100+ page sites, with tonnes of links, pr4 domains.. These are sites people actually visit and browse.  Basically in order to escape this update all you have to do is get enough authority and trust, do not abuse link metrics and maybe, just maybe, add some decent content to the site and make it enjoyable to visitors.

To Sum Everything Up In A Nutshell!

If you didn’t read this mammoth 2100 word post and scrolled to the bottom for cliff notes, here is your reward for being a smarty pants.

If you read the whole thing, a summary can’t hurt can it?

In this post you should have learned:

  • Be careful who you listen to. What is the agenda of the people giving you SEO advice?
  • Google is a math problem, not an all seeing eye that is watching your every move.
  • The Google algorithm is fundamentally based on evaluating a webpages content and links.
  • In order to rank you need to seem more relevant to the computer algorithm than other websites.
  • You can get penalized by Google if you stray away from what the computer algorithm thinks is “natural”.
  • Google does not care about you or your children.
  • All they care about is profits and maintaining/increasing profits/protecting their own back.
  • They will do anything feasible to do that. This includes lie to webmasters and prohibit things that work.
  • This includes spreading fear, propoganda or anything that supports their of objective of keeping the status quo/increasing profits.
  • They use computer algorithms to penalize websites that seem unnatural.
  • Most of the people penalized are ignorant, ill-informed or just plain “unlucky”.
  • This creates more fear, which again supports Google’s agenda of stopping people from manipulating their search engine.
  • As a smart person you can plainly see these things as truths and want to get started learning how to use Google to make money online.

You are in the right place and you are surrounded by good company.

Bookmark us. Tell some friends. Fu*k it, make a comment, why not..

4 Responses to “Read This First: Understanding The Correct SEO Mindset!”
  1. Jovi

    Great post. One question – how can Google evaluate time a user spends on site without analytics installed, or when user not using Chrome?

    Would you still advice not to use Google tracking codes on pages?

    P.S. We’re still waiting for a HUGE post on how you buy your PR domans and from where :)

  2. Andy

    Good question Jovi, to my knowledge they cannot evaluate this..

    I am fairly certain they are using Chrome data to figure this stuff out. They say they are not using Analytics data. They probably are not lying.

    Call me paranoid, but i only stick Analytics data on my really good sites with great user metrics. I would never stick them on a mini site or something like that. There are decent free alternatives out there anyway.

    As for telling time on site from other browsers. I think they can probably track bounce back time on other browsers… so say… they click on your link and leave Google search, then you click back 10 seconds later… i am sure they are able to track this and use this as some kind of negative signal.

    Either way, Google is definitely using different methods to track users interaction with webpages and give the ones they think are higher quality a boost and the lower quality ones a nerf.

    This goes a long way to explaining a lot of the “anomolies” people see when they see certain pages outranking other ones with fewer good links and stuff like that.

    Hope that helps.

    – Andy

    P.S PR domains and blog network post coming soon :)

  3. Era

    Thank you

    • Andy

      Your welcome Era, glad you enjoyed the post.

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