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Key To SuccessI have some bad news for you… Right now i am too busy to maintain this site.

I had a strong premonition to start this site a while back, but ever since i did, i have been having messages from myself that i must get on with my mission and become the largest most dominant affiliate in my niche.

You see, to do what i eventually want to do, and become the largest, most respected and credible author in the make money online/seo niche, i have to be a massive success myself.

I need to be more credible, earning $10k a month is not good enough.

For that reason, i am going to cease updating this website until i become one of the largest affiliates within my niche.

I do want to leave you with some things though, these are my biggest tips for becoming successful at anything, not just making money online

Read Everything by Napoleon Hill

Particularly Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting The Devil. It has taught me so many lessons, most of what i will teach you below is what i have learned from these books and through trial and error.

You Need a Definite Purpose in Life.

You need an overall goal as to what you want to achieve. You need to make some definite decisions and decide exactly what you want. Do not desire opulence, desire results and set your mind on it. Don’t just think about it, repeat it over and over in your head until you are absolutely obsessed with what you want. It needs to be the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you think of when you go to sleep. It needs to be your most dominating thought. I can not stress this enough, just repeating “I want to be the largest affiliate in xxx niche”, when done enough, fills me with a burning desire to get it done. This leads straight on to my next point.

You Need a Burning Desire

This is what i started talking about above. After you have made some decisions, you may have come to a definite purpose of “I want to make $xxxxx affiliate marketing by x date, in x niche”. You then need to imprint this on your subconscious.

Listen i don’t know that much about your conscious, subconscious and the supposed super conscious. What i do know is, that once you imprint something on your mind, over and over again and it becomes your dominating thought. Your subconscious and super conscious start working on your side and putting things in to place. Things will just start to work out once you have a burning desire. Maybe you will uncover some info about how to get where you want (Like this valuable peace of writing), maybe you will meet a business partner or associate who can help you, maybe an idea comes from nowhere. Never ignore ideas that come into your head from seemingly nowhere. Don’t just act on them impulsively, examine them and then take action if the idea resonates.

A Presence of Faith and an Absence of Fear

Any idea or mission, or action that is taken with the primary motive of fear, will fu*k you up.

Read that again. Fear is an evil, malign, cancerous, disgusting thing.

You have to look at faith in the process (Not religious faith but… confidence in yourself and your abilities.. it is faith in the purpose.. it is not praying or asking for something… it is merely stating… “I am going to take massive courageous action towards this goal, nothing is going to get in my way whilst doing this”).

If you take anything from this, just take that fear is so evil. It stops everything. The biggest fears are fear of poverty/failure/death. If you have to provide for your family and you are scared what you are going to do is going to bankrupt you. Your thoughts are going to be clouded by this fear. You need a total confidence and faith in what you are doing. You need to examine your thoughts and try and understand which ones fear motivates. Then you need to completely eradicate them. Treat that as a burning desire, they are like evil, devilish thoughts that will do nothing more than fu*k you up.

This is where 99% of people go wrong.

When i first started making websites, i had this fear that i would not be succesful and it would be  a waste of time… this fear came 100% true. In order to accomplish it i did 2 things… 1) i increased my skillset. 2) I developed belief in myself and learned not to give a fuck about resistance.

Now i treat any kind of fear, doubts, resistance, whatever you want to call it as something totally malign, evil and bullshit. I wont stand for it for one second. I have total blind faith in what i am doing, because i know no one wants this more than me, and no one will work harder than me to get it. That is my competitive edge. Also because i am as sharp as a razor and don’t miss any business opportunity.

I get a lot of questions in my email box. Most people are plagued with fear, mostly its fear of Google if im honest. You need not fear Google.You should just seek to understand Google, and to do that, you need to get in the trenches and take action everyday. Every failure breeds an opportunity to learn something. So take what you learnt and move forward.

The Willingness To Do Anything

The biggest takeaway i got from reading the Shoemoney book was basically that he is willing to do shit other people are not willing to do. He will use any marketing technique, even if its a bit shady, and hes capable of finding little edges that other people are unwilling to exploit.  Steve Jobs did this, Bill Gates did this (He sold an operating system that didnt even exist yet), lots of people who have accomplished great things have pushed the boundaries of ethical a little bit.. Anyway… you need to be willing to put in the work. If you do things correctly, and have a definite purpose and burning desire, you will want to take action. If you don’t wake up first thing in the morning and are like “fuck i want to kickass today with my website” and are excited and pumped up about writing 10 boring reviews in a day, your burning desire has no been ingrained enough. You need to be waking up and wanting to do this, it shouldn’t feel like work, it should feel like you are working towards your mission in life. It should almost be like this is what i must do. There aren’t any questions about it, you just get on with it and do the work. Even if it is boring, it should seem like its exciting, you must feel like you are born to do this.

“Hypnotic Rhythm” is Your Friend

There is a law that goes something likes this… “whatever is in motion, tends to stay in motion, unless dramatically changed”. I probably just butchered someones saying, but that is 100% true.

If you are in bad habits  you will stay in them and “drift” through life unless you make a dramatic shift in your consciousness and your efforts. You need to recognize these bad habits (TV, Facebook, Xbox  bad people). And you need to eradicate them from your life. They only take away from you achieving your goal.

You then need to form good habits… taking action, learning about your craft, taking more action etc.

Most people work a real job, if you cant afford to stop, don’t  But work on your business the rest of the time. Obsess about it. You should be pumped to start working on it as soon as you finish your 9/5.

Once you have started these good habits, its hard to actually stop them and become lazy. Once you get started and get in momentum, things will just flow.

Once you start getting positive feedback of any kind, whether its results, or your increased work ethic/output, you will start to believe in yourself more. Make you think things like “maybe i am capable of this” etc.

Drifting is Your Enemy

The opposite of fear is faith, the same goes with consciousness and drifting. Consciousness i define as any time you are in control of your brain with intelligent thought. This means you have fixed your brain on a purpose or goal and you are using your brain to work towards that goal. Drifting is what i define as any period of time where your not focused on your #1 goal. It is basically impossible to be 100% focused on your goal 100% of the time. But people often set goals, don’t keep their goal in mind anywhere near 100%. Most people don’t think about their goals and ways to get closer to them 1% of the time. Just being conscious of this should be like an “aha moment”. Most people set goals, but don’t firmly commit to them by consciously thinking about them. In a way you need to obsess over them and until things are in motion, make it you #1 priority, to find a clear purpose and spend time thinking about and taking action towards it. You need to almost neglect everything in your life for a period of time to get the ball rolling towards that definite purpose. Once you have gained motion, you will be unstoppable. Drifting and using whim as a method of making decisions will not get you where you want to go. Just be conscious of when you are using intelligent thought, and when you are just letting your mind “think for itself” and drift. Drifting is evil. Purpose driven intelligent thought and action is divine.

Develop Positive Traits Through Hard Work

Nothing worthwhile is easy. The most valuable character traits people can develop are the ones that take the most effort. Being decisive and putting serious effort in to finding out your purpose is hard. Taking action on it continuously and continuously being conscious about your goals is even hard. Stuff like grit, willpower, perseverance etc are not talked about in self help stuff these days, simply because they require hard work. They aren’t popular, they aren’t easy.

I have learnt this: Everything worthwhile in life, requires a lot of hard work and effort. You have to have a definite goal. You have to have a definite plan. And you have to be willing to do the work. Often i surprise myself with exactly how much i am capable of work wise, when i consciously think about what i want to do all the time. It develops belief. This develops a plan. I then take massive action. I then start to get results which validate what i did. It then inspires me to take even more. Perpetuating the positive cycle. This can turn anyone into a massive action taking machine.

Read and re-read what i  just said.

Its pretty much gold. It is exactly what has got me to where i am, and its exactly what will take me to where i want to be.


Finally, what allows me to get masses of stuff done is my ability to “tunnel”. Tunelling is basically putting your head down and getting the work done. When i wrote this 1900 word post, i did it in about 20 minutes. I literally just sat down after reading some Napoleon Hill stuff and word dumped everything i had in my mind at the time. Like seriously, how often do people write 2000 words in 20 minutes? This is the kind of thing people are capable of when they just focusing intently on one thing.

I have learnt that i get the most done when i am really focused on one thing. If your productivity is lacking one bit, do this:

  • Make lists.
  • Order everything in to priority of what it will do for your long term good.
  • Wipe everything out of your mind on the list.
  • Intently think about the first item on your list. Just think about it, focus on it. Think about how you are going to do it. This must be an action thing. It can’t be like “Make money online”. It could be… Write 50 reviews for my website.
  • Spend a few minutes thinking about how you can do it as quickly as possible (My fastest writing is the best) and provide the most value/highest quality product possible.
  • Fixate on it some more.
  • Then get to work. Just don’t stop till its done. I dont care if it takes 3 weeks. You can stop for food and sleep. Maybe sex and socializing once  a week.  haha

Now just get it done.

Good luck!

P.S – Basically, it all comes down to making some definite decisions about how you want to lead your life and holding yourself personally accountable. One thing i have noticed among successful people is they are very accountable  Decide your path and follow it. To me, the feeling of “what ifs” are going to plague me unless i make a big run at this. I don’t want to be 90, on my death bed, wishing i did more of my life. To me this is important, so i am going to treat it that way. Right now you might not have the same drive as me, but you can nurture it and cultivate it. Don’t make any excuses. We live in a world where you can learn from the best people in any field, cheaply and easily. People have never had so many tools to help them succeed. You have no excuse, now go make money!

8 Responses to “The Key To Success…”
  1. Sam

    Excellent post Andy! I try to follow the same things daily. Best of luck reaching your goals!

  2. Boo

    We will miss you. Thanks for the advice, my first goal is get your actual monthly income: 10k. Just because I want to have enough money to dedicate my life to writing. So I’m actually spend 60% creating my little Adsense empire and 30% reading/writing. This is what I want and nothing can stop me. Well, maybe a headshoot will, but nothing less :D

    Thanks again. Go now to kick some ass!

  3. clara

    oh no, I was starting to enjoy reading your posts about SEO almost every day! I even added you into my list of SEO blogs to follow.

    I came to your website through one of your comments on Imimpact. And then once I saw another comment you made on I just signed up with source infinitum and I think the training is top-notch!

    Are you a member in infinitum too? Because your SEO advice is very much aligned with his.

    thanks for the previous tips you shared, you inspired me to really go for it. And all the best with your Bingo niche.


    • Andy

      Hey Clara,

      Yeah im on infinitum and omg machines :)

      I pretty much read everything a while back and formed my own opinion on stuff, then i got to work. Good luck to you too :)

      I will be back, i just dont know when..

      • clara

        lol I’m in OMG machines too! How uncanny. Not the NHB though.

        I haven’t gotten my income up to 5 figures but like you, I’m recently driven with purpose too so this post really resonates with me. :)

        I’m sure you can do it- I know what you’re talking about, that drive. Go read everything by Michael Gerber if you can! He’s a great writer on entrepreneurship and how to grow your business, plus how to find your purpose and have a strategic aim for your business. Really recommend it.

        He’s a poetic writer and I can tell from the way you write that you may appreciate the way he talks about business.

        Perhaps I’ll see you around in one of the forums! :)

  4. Kamran

    Plain and simple – one of the best blogs in terms of value I have ever come across. You get straight to the point man!

    Last time I commented, I mentioned how we think so alike – I know you’re going places for sure! Looking forward to when you come back

    I don’t have my own blog (partly because I want to be a big success myself before preaching to others – unlike 90% of blogs) so I see where you’re coming from. Even though I am currently still easily top 10% in terms of internet marketers earnings.

    You can see my email – drop me a message, would be good to connect. I’m from the UK too.

    All the best my man – on your way to the top ;-)

  5. Gary

    Ah I’m sorry to see you go, one of the best information sources on SEO right now.

    Good luck on your adsense empire my friend and thanks for sharing what you’ve learned so far.

    I still have this page bookmarked in hopes you come back!

  6. Nick

    Really enjoyed reading your post. Good stuff man and I’m surprised that you got that done in 20 minutes. Power of focusing :)

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